Tournoi sur 81 Square Universe (anglais)

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default Tournoi sur 81 Square Universe (anglais)

Message par Mushu le Mar 11 Mai 2010, 1:02 pm

Hidetchi a écrit:Hi.
We will start a new tournament-style shogi championship.
I'm planning to start it on May 29th, Saturday.

Check out the "Rules" page from the link below and please make the registration.

I decided to name the new title as "Uchu", which means "the Universe" in Japanese. (after 81-Square "Universe", of course.)
I think we shouldn't use "Ryu-Ou", because "81-Ou" would lose its uniqueness if they have "Ou" in common.
But if there is much better name than "Uchu", I might reconsider.

Anyway, the deadline for the registration is May 24th, 0:00AM @GMT.

To register, please reply in this topic with the following information.
*Your nickname
*Your country
*Your region (only if your country has two or more time regions)

Hope many players will participate!!!

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